Does skin need Fruit Acids everyday? Part Two


Does the skin need fruit acids everyday?

Does the skin need fruit acids everyday?

As mentioned in my previous post, not all skins will need daily application of fruit (AHA) acids. Unless the skin is hyperkeratinized, (thick and rough) the skin should not need daily use of these popular acids.

Interestingly, as we age, our skin becomes more alkaline and therefore does not go through effective desquamation due to the inhibition of enzyme activity in an alkaline environment. By incorporating mild fruit acids in a daily skin care routine, this will act at ‘reacidifying’ the outer most layers of the skin, enabling the action of enzymes and then desquamation of dead skin cells giving a lovely smooth skin as a result.

Not all skins need fruit acids everyday however, and understanding which skins do is essential to a healthy skin that will not become irritated or inflamed in time due to poor barrier function.

What results do you get from acids? Do you use them everyday? Some people believe they need them every day, do you?