Skin Fitness – taking your face to the gym

facial muscles

Forget Botox®, if we exercised our facial muscles, we would look years younger than our age while maintaining muscle tone.

We head to the gym to exercise our body muscles, so why don’t we give our facial muscles a workout on a daily basis? Continue reading



Aged skin

No, this is not a typo, but, if you add inflammation + ageing you get the term; ‘inflammaging’.

So, how does our skin age with inflammation? Well, your diet has a lot to do with it. Continue reading

Skin care in your 50’s & beyond


Your 50’s and beyond is a time where we celebrate the wisdom we have gathered over many years. Our skin reflects our lifestyle so if we have neglected our skin, we may look older or more tired than we actually feel. Continue reading

Telomeres: Our Cellular Timekeepers


There are many speculations in regards to contributors to cell ageing. One of the studied theories is; accelerated ageing may be due to increased telomere shortening – when cells divide around 50 times, they will enter a phase in which they no longer behave as they did when they were younger.

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Omega 3 and Your Skin


Cell membrane Omega 3

Did you know many skin conditions will improve by adding Omega 3 to your daily diet?

So, what are Omega 3 oils?

These oils , that the body is unable to manufacture, are like the traffic lights for your cell membranes. When we ingest adequate amounts, our cell membranes allow waste to leave the cell and nutrients to access  our cells.  Continue reading

Successful Acne Management

Successful Acne Management

Successful Acne Management

One of the most distressing of all skin conditions, is acne. As a teenager, I suffered terribly with an aggressive form of Cystic Acne and was very grateful for the help from a Skin Therapist. Weekly, I had treatments to treat the condition. Fortunately with the greatness of time and science, we can now achieve faster and better results by following these steps: Continue reading

Rubbing shoulders with the finest!

Raes ReceptionI have just spent a beautiful day at one of the worlds most prestigious Hotel/Spa! My wonderful friend and Celebrity Facialist/Luxury Spa Consultant , Marionne DeCandia invited me down for a lovely lunch at Rae’s on Watego’s in Byron Bay. I must say I was welcomed with an out- of- season sub tropical rain storm but it soon cleared and I enjoyed the calming and quaint atmosphere of Wategos.

Our conversation was obviously about our industry and how we are so passionate about skin. Discussing the industry highlights and downfalls was also a topic we shared and we feel that our industry, the Aesthetic industry is booming in all the right directions!

I was given a tour of the exclusive hotel and unfortunately had to dash just before a VIP arrived! Check out Marionnes website:

What do you think about the Aesthetic industry? Are you a professional working in the skin/anti ageing paradigm? Are you a client that visits clinics/spas?

I would enjoy hearing of your opinions…………………………….  Dx

Raes Plant and Door

Showing Your Skin A Little Love

Giving your skin some love

Giving your skin some love

Just as we all do, skin responds well when given a little love – there is a specific language spoken between skin cells and when this communication is clear and precise, maximum results can be achieved through professional skin treatments and home care.

Cells need clear and precise communication at all times and it is when this pathway becomes blocked through poor nutrition and environmental issues, that we start to notice ageing and skin concerns.

Certain Growth Factors speak the language of love between cells and when we optimize these factors; your skin begins to behave in a healthier manner.

To help activate these Growth Factors you need the following intervention:

  1. Provide essential nutrients  to skin cells: Daily diet, Supplementation where needed, and Topical active skin care products
  2. Regular physical exercise  to increase blood flow and movement of the lymphatic system
  3. Stimulate Growth Factors and Cytokines for maximum cell to cell communication through effective home care – Ill show you how next post!

It is when we focus on this communication that we start to experience positive results with our skin care regimes.

So how do we stimulate Growth Factors and Cytokines? Can it be done at home? Yes, it can. Watch for next week’s post and I’ll show you how – it is simple and so effective.

Why don’t you follow me and I will show you  how to have a more healthy and beautiful skin!

Menopause and skin changes


Skin Changes & Menopause

Skin Changes & Menopause

Another question from one of my gorgeous followers, Marcia:

I am going through Menopause, what Vitamins can I take/use to help with my skin changes?

Marcia, there are so many things happening with your skin when you go through Menopause but to answer your question simply I believe that consuming a plant-based diet and minimising processed foods will make a huge difference. Continue reading