Skin care in your 50’s & beyond


Your 50’s and beyond is a time where we celebrate the wisdom we have gathered over many years. Our skin reflects our lifestyle so if we have neglected our skin, we may look older or more tired than we actually feel. Continue reading

CoQ10 for healthy skin


Coenzyme Q10, also known as Ubiquinone is naturally occurring and is found in most living organisms. CoQ10 is ubiquitous in humans and varies in levels with most of it found in  organs with a high rate of metabolism, such as; the heart, kidneys and the liver. It is a vital factor in the synthesis of ATP (cellular energy production) therefore essential for all human tissues and organs.

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Skin Care in your 30’s


Dear 30 Something

Dear 30 Something

Dear 30 Something

This is the age group where you will really start to see many changes with your skin. Many women notice an increase in signs of ageing and changes with colour of the skin.  Continue reading

Omega 3 and Your Skin


Cell membrane Omega 3

Did you know many skin conditions will improve by adding Omega 3 to your daily diet?

So, what are Omega 3 oils?

These oils , that the body is unable to manufacture, are like the traffic lights for your cell membranes. When we ingest adequate amounts, our cell membranes allow waste to leave the cell and nutrients to access  our cells.  Continue reading

Is Benzoyl Peroxide enough to treat acne?


First of all, Happy New Year!

This is not only the first post for 2014 but also the first post for a few months. I haven’t posted since August as I have fallen in love. I have fallen in love with my new Grand Daughter, Delilah. The time I have spent with her is priceless and now as she getting bigger and more active I want to start again with my posts.

Thankyou to all that have been logging on and following previous posts and thank you for all the questions I have received.

So, this brings me to this weeks post, and it comes from Nikki who has been struggling with her acne for three years and has invested in a popular skin care range that contains, as one of its main ingredients; Benzoyl Peroxide.

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Successful Acne Management

Successful Acne Management

Successful Acne Management

One of the most distressing of all skin conditions, is acne. As a teenager, I suffered terribly with an aggressive form of Cystic Acne and was very grateful for the help from a Skin Therapist. Weekly, I had treatments to treat the condition. Fortunately with the greatness of time and science, we can now achieve faster and better results by following these steps: Continue reading

Gently, gently

Me and my hubby in Norway. Extreme temperatures means, extreme skin care!

Me and my hubby in Norway. Extreme temperatures means, extreme skin care!

I have just returned from a wonderful trip to the other side of the world and the ‘other’ hemisphere where seasons are the total opposite to my native country.

Even though the northern hemisphere is now in their summer months, the temperatures are quite mild in comparison to where I live.

Due to the extreme weather I went prepared and armed myself with some barrier protecting products and went gently, gently on my skin. I was quite surprised with the amount of skins that looked like they had poor barrier function and it proves that no matter where you live, we must treat the skin the same care and protect the delicate surface lipids at all times.

I am used to high humidity and my skin is usually quite oily, therefore I generally wear a lighter based moisturiser. Knowing that where I was going did not have humidity, I made sure that I packed a heavier based cream and I’m so glad I did.

When exposed to dry, cooler winds, the skin relies on its natural barrier to maintain moisture levels, otherwise the skin feels tight, irritated and becomes inflamed. Long term damage will cause more severe conditions, blood vessels rupture, and the skin is constantly red, it becomes inflamed and if you apply a water based product, it may even sting. This is a perfect example of barrier dysfunction.

Remember gently, gently with your skin. Nurture it and allow it to function as the important organ that it is.

Now I’m back, it’s time for a detox, but more on that later.

How is your skin when you go on holidays? Do you feel it changes?


Driving along Welsh roads, a beautiful, mystical country.


Skin needling – what is it for?


Cosmetic Needling for greater cell communication

Cosmetic Needling for greater cell communication

I left you on my last post with this question, So how do we stimulate Growth Factors and Cytokines?

Our cells need effective communication, just like humans do!  Continue reading