About DCC

DCC is a Skin Coach for individuals and professional Skin Clinics wanting some advice with a skin care query. She’s worked as a Medical Aesthetician, Educator and Trainer with multi national companies, cosmetic houses, independent distributors, Plastic Surgeons, beauty colleges and small businesses.

Donna’s loves sharing her wealth of knowledge of skin health to all Skin Care devotees, who want a healthy, gorgeous skin.

“As a young adult, I suffered with severe cystic acne which was so painful physically and mentally. I was fortunate to have a wonderful skin therapist that worked on my skin every week and from this experience,  I knew I wanted to work in this field and work with clients with varied skin conditions. To this day, I am always so happy to see the positive changes in my clients life when we succeed with our treatments and prescriptive home care programs. I now put a lot of emphasis on nutritional support as well as topical products that give results, we are so blessed with such advanced science and technology and of course education in our industry. This is my turn to make a larger difference to a larger audience, whether you are wanting to make changes with your own skin or you are a Skin Care Professional, wanting to make a difference in your own clients lives.”

Much Love Donna CC x


7 thoughts on “About DCC

  1. Dear Donna,
    my name is Norbert Heuser from IPC Hong KOng and either I et with you or some of you associates a few years back at the Cosmoprof Show on Hong Kong after which you wrote something about our iWand. Have you ever tested our iSpring moisturizer ? what is you direct email address ? Best regards Norbert
    ps watch the testimonial video Linda’s leg on our website http://www.myispring.com

  2. hi Donna

    I am desperate for help with some hyperpigmentation that has formed around my mouth and upper lip. it literally just sprang up one day and nothing seems to take it away.

    if you do consultations, please let me know how we can arrange this…i really need your help!

    regards, Nina

    • Hello Nina,
      Can you please tell me where you are located. I may have someone that can give you a consultation.
      Have you started on any hormonal treatment? Contraceptive medication? Pregnancy? etc?
      This sounds like it could be melasma that is generally caused by hormones. It can be difficult to treat and take some time. Your best option is to start immediately on products that contain approximately 10% niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Vitamin C and Vitamin A and of course sun protection. These ingredients can be found in many skin care ranges that a professional Aesthetician can provide you.
      Let me know if you would like more information and please let me know where you are located and I will see how I can help.
      Donna x

    • Hi Nina,

      Thank you for reaching out. As you are in Sth Africa, you have a fantastic skin care range that I highly recommend. Have you heard of Environ? Dr Des Fernandes, is a highly recognised Plastic Surgeon that has developed this range and I am sure you could find an Environ clinic in your city that will be able to help out with your skin concerns. This range contains all the ingredients I would recommend to treat your skin. If you are unable to find a clinic, I would suggest you contact the company directly. I believe they are situated in Cape Town.

      I hope this may help with your skin concerns.


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