How do I know which skin care product is for me?

Skin Analysis

A great question from Jessica, a MS-C follower, is the subject for todays post: “Im not sure which skin care is right for me. There are so many to choose from, and so many claims, I am now confused…..”

I agree! So many options and choices, what is the right product for you?

There are so many ingredients in skin care products that we are told we will need for a healthy skin. It can become very confusing and frustrating for a consumer.

My best advice for anyone that is serious about targeting skin concerns and / or prevention is to seek a professional Skin Care Therapist and invest in a professional consultation. This advice is paramount for you to have a personal prescription created with the correct skin care containing the correct dose of active ingredients as well as a program for you to follow.

If you can choose skin care products from a shelf without  a consultation, you are probably over spending on products that may not suit your skin type/condition and will not gain the results you would expect as the amount of active ingredients is considerably less than a professional product that must be purchased from a Salon or Medispa.

Active ingredients in the correct dosage are essential for you to see results with your skin, and therefore must be prescribed by a professional Skin Care Therapist. The dosage of these ingredients in products cannot be bought off the shelf without a consultation and therefore one must question their efficacy?

In short; if you want to see results quickly, then I recommend you find yourself a professional skin care therapist and book in for a skin consultation. A skin care program will be tailored to correct or maintain your skin condition. You may also find a treatment plan will be developed in the consultation process for in-house treatments to target your priorities, this is advisable if you are serious about targeting your concerns.

In short, I believe investing in a professional consultation is worth your while to target your skin concerns or to prevent premature ageing.


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