Dry, Irritated Skin: Why?


This weeks blog is an answer to a question that was sent to me privately in hope I could give Mel some guidance to her skin concerns. As you can see by my response, there are many aspects to consider when looking at skin complaints and these can be subject to many determining factors.

 Mel’s question:

 “MySkin-Coach, can you please advise what I should use when I have really dry skin please? It doesn’t matter what I use in my skin care, my skin always feels really dry and at times, irritated.”

 MySkin-Coach response:

 Dear Mel,

 Firstly, Thank you for your question. This seems to be a common concern with many people and it would also depend on many things.

 Where do you live? If it is a very dry & hot climate, or even a very windy, cold climate, the skin may constantly feel dry and often irritated. Obviously good skin care will need to be taken into consideration.

Do you use a Cleanser that foams or lathers? This may be stripping the skins natural barrier, leaving the skin feeling taut and dry.

Do you use a Toner that is alcohol based or has astringent properties? Also possibly removing your barrier.

You may need to use a Moisturiser that will help rebuild your skins barrier. This may mean using a cream and not a milk or lotion as your moisturizer.

Using harsh ingredients too often will also leave the skin feeling irritated and dry, so as a Dermal Health Practitioner, I need to take these into consideration.

 Also, what is your diet like? Not enough consumption of healthy fats, will impair your skin cells membranes and may cause increased dehydration due to the skins barrier not being optimized. Increasing your Omega 3 is going to benefit your skin and assist with minimizing water loss through the upper layers.

 What is your age? This will also make a difference. Ageing can also cause trans epidermal loss and a build up of dead skin cells that leave the skin feeling thicker and looking dull.

 How is your general health? Some medications may effect your skin’s hydration and barrier.

 As you can see, there are many contributing factors to a dry skin and just a couple of scenarios that we have to consider before making a correct diagnosis.

 Your best option is to seek a Skin Care Specialist that truly understands the skin and is qualified to prescribe effective skin care. You may also wish to seek the opinion of a Nutritionist to make some changes with your diet as many skin conditions are triggered by certain foods or chemicals within foods.

 All the very best and once again, thank you.

 DCC/MySkin-Coach x



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