Successful Acne Management

Successful Acne Management

Successful Acne Management

One of the most distressing of all skin conditions, is acne. As a teenager, I suffered terribly with an aggressive form of Cystic Acne and was very grateful for the help from a Skin Therapist. Weekly, I had treatments to treat the condition. Fortunately with the greatness of time and science, we can now achieve faster and better results by following these steps:

  1. Eliminate all congesting or pore-clogging products. There are so many superior options available now that most professional skin care ranges will provide products that are classified as ‘non comedogenic’.
  2. Control Sebum production. This does not mean remove or strip all of the skins sebum (oil) from the surface as this will then lead to barrier impairment. Use a suitable non detergent-based cleanser daily. Do not use alcohol toners on the skin. Use topical ingredients such as Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Vitamin A and ensure you are prescribed the correct dosage.
  3. Do not over exfoliate the skin! A very important rule as this may also disrupt the skins pH and barrier function. The use of gentle acids (high pH) daily may be used to prevent hyperkeratinised plugs – blackheads,  in the follicles and maintain a smooth skin surface. AHA’s will work on the skins surface while BHA’s will work within the follicle. This is where blackheads are formed.
  4. Do not expose skin to proinflammatory environmental factors.  Heat and humidity produce a breeding ground for bacteria. If you work or live in this environment, you are more inclined to over clean your skin leading to barrier dysfunction. Bacterial loves a hot and sweaty environment therefore, only gentle cleansing with a non detergent-based cleanser is required twice daily. Believe it or not sun exposure will increase sebum production so do not think that going out in the sun will dry your acne – so not true!
  5. A high sugar loaded diet has been proven to aggravate an acne condition. Therefore keeping your diet free from processed foods, high sugar intake, excessive alcohol, caffeine will help with an acne condition. By considering a Low Glycemic loaded diet and a ‘Clean Diet’ will assist with an acne skin condition. Incorporate at least 6 servings of fresh vegetables daily and drink plenty of water. Stay clear of Sodas, Coffee, dairy and processed foods or convenient foods to keep your liver happy and your skin looking clear.

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