To Tone or not to Tone?

Skin Toners

To Tone or not to Tone?

To Tone or not to Tone

So, what exactly is a ‘Toner’? Well, many cosmetic houses may disagree, but I truly believe that many Toners are not necessary in your everyday skin care regime. There, I have said it! Having said that, there are certainly some toners that may provide your skin with benefits.

I know you now want me to explain exactly what Toners do, and here it is in a nutshell.

‘Toners increase the skins permeability for the next product, which is usually a serum or moisturiser containing active ingredients.”

So that is important, isn’t it? Yes, it is.

Toners essentially remove excess Cleanser (you may want to revisit my previous post on the correct cleanser) and then increase the absorption of your following products.

I use this analogy when explaining to my students:

Think of a sponge, your everyday kitchen sponge. The type that comes in many various colours. Now pour a glass of water on that sponge, ring it out and put it out on the windowsill for a day in sunlight. What happens? It dries out and becomes very crisp to the touch. Now pour a glass of water onto the sponge, does it absorb the water quickly? No, on the contrary, it takes some time to absorb a small amount of water.

Now imagine the same sponge, same amount of water. Keep the moist sponge on the bench and do not let it dry out. Pour a glass of water and now watch at how quickly it absorbs a large amount of the water!

So you see, this is how a Toner works. It keeps the skin moist and increases absorption.

If you are using Serums and Moisturisers that contain active ingredients, these ingredients pass through the skins outer most layers a lot more effectively when the skin is moist. However, today Cosmetic Chemists formulate very effective delivery systems within the Serums and Moisturisers and therefore it could be argued that Toners are not required in a daily skin care regime.

I’ll let you be the decider of this one; personally I do not use a Toner, as I know the products I use have been scientifically formulated to give my skin high doses of actives in the shortest amount of time.

Do you use a Toner? Do you feel it makes a difference to your skin care? I would love to hear your opinions.  DCCx


One thought on “To Tone or not to Tone?

  1. I Do remember when you explained the use of toner in class with the sponge example, I do not personally use toner as well 🙂

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