Gently, gently

Me and my hubby in Norway. Extreme temperatures means, extreme skin care!

Me and my hubby in Norway. Extreme temperatures means, extreme skin care!

I have just returned from a wonderful trip to the other side of the world and the ‘other’ hemisphere where seasons are the total opposite to my native country.

Even though the northern hemisphere is now in their summer months, the temperatures are quite mild in comparison to where I live.

Due to the extreme weather I went prepared and armed myself with some barrier protecting products and went gently, gently on my skin. I was quite surprised with the amount of skins that looked like they had poor barrier function and it proves that no matter where you live, we must treat the skin the same care and protect the delicate surface lipids at all times.

I am used to high humidity and my skin is usually quite oily, therefore I generally wear a lighter based moisturiser. Knowing that where I was going did not have humidity, I made sure that I packed a heavier based cream and I’m so glad I did.

When exposed to dry, cooler winds, the skin relies on its natural barrier to maintain moisture levels, otherwise the skin feels tight, irritated and becomes inflamed. Long term damage will cause more severe conditions, blood vessels rupture, and the skin is constantly red, it becomes inflamed and if you apply a water based product, it may even sting. This is a perfect example of barrier dysfunction.

Remember gently, gently with your skin. Nurture it and allow it to function as the important organ that it is.

Now I’m back, it’s time for a detox, but more on that later.

How is your skin when you go on holidays? Do you feel it changes?


Driving along Welsh roads, a beautiful, mystical country.