Perfumes in Skin Care?



For many years, cosmetic skin care products have lured the consumer in by cashing in on our fixation with products that smell ‘pretty’. So, do fragrances actually have any benefits for the skin?

The answer is, no! Perfumes have been found to be one of the most common skin sensitisers. Not only can they be a common allergen, they can also cause issues with our skins barrier function.

When treating barrier impaired skins, – sensitive skins, eliminate products containing fragrance (with the exception of some essential oils).

Fragrances, generally, have no function other than to entice us to purchase a product, and do absolutely nothing to benefit your skin.

Next time you purchase product for your skin, reconsider choosing it due to its fragrance. Instead ask a Skin Care Professional what benefits the particular product will have for your skin. If they cannot answer it, best to find someone who can – perfumes are not for your skin!

Have you chosen a skin care product because of its fragrance? Most women do, so you wouldn’t be the only one, you may want to change your focus when next purchasing for your skin – choose a product that will maintain your skin’s integrity and correct skin conditions. What have your bought recently for its fragrance?


4 thoughts on “Perfumes in Skin Care?

  1. Yes, sadly I know it isn’t right to have scented skin care products – but it is what makes me go mmmm after a shower and applying my skin care – I go for as mild as possible and mostly only an essential oil blend if it is fragranced in any way.
    good reminding donna – thanks


  2. I realised at quite a young age that I was allergic to fragrance both synthetic and essential oils. If a product has any smell – I avoid it! It may be boring but so are endless rashes!

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