Probiotics for our skin health…



Probiotics for a health skin

Probiotics for a health skin

Probiotics are live microorganisms that may confer a health benefit on the host.

We share a complicated relationship with bacteria. It exists on our skin, in our intestinal tract, urinary tract, among other places. Too much bacteria can make us very ill, but too little can also make us more vulnerable to illness.

With so many skins showing signs of stress and barrier impairment due to environmental factors and over use of harsh skin care ingredients that have a negative effect on our skins natural flora, should we use Probiotics in skin care to improve our skins health? Continue reading


We wear a diverse wardrobe of skin microbes

skin microbes

The skins delicate and balanced microflora

Our skin houses a diverse population of microbes and just as they do in the gut, these microbes can have a destructive effect if not kept in balance.

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Rubbing shoulders with the finest!

Raes ReceptionI have just spent a beautiful day at one of the worlds most prestigious Hotel/Spa! My wonderful friend and Celebrity Facialist/Luxury Spa Consultant , Marionne DeCandia invited me down for a lovely lunch at Rae’s on Watego’s in Byron Bay. I must say I was welcomed with an out- of- season sub tropical rain storm but it soon cleared and I enjoyed the calming and quaint atmosphere of Wategos.

Our conversation was obviously about our industry and how we are so passionate about skin. Discussing the industry highlights and downfalls was also a topic we shared and we feel that our industry, the Aesthetic industry is booming in all the right directions!

I was given a tour of the exclusive hotel and unfortunately had to dash just before a VIP arrived! Check out Marionnes website:

What do you think about the Aesthetic industry? Are you a professional working in the skin/anti ageing paradigm? Are you a client that visits clinics/spas?

I would enjoy hearing of your opinions…………………………….  Dx

Raes Plant and Door