Skin needling – what is it for?


Cosmetic Needling for greater cell communication

Cosmetic Needling for greater cell communication

I left you on my last post with this question, So how do we stimulate Growth Factors and Cytokines?

Our cells need effective communication, just like humans do! 

Another way we can stimulate this communication and also aid in getting more of our active ingredients into our skin is with Cosmetic needling.

So what is Cosmetic Needling? This is a personal use roller with needles that penetrate the skin at a depth of between 0.2 and 0.3 mm in length. The needles at this length only penetrate in the upper levels of the skin therefore; do not cause bleeding or pain.

When using the roller on a regular basis, we are indeed stimulating our cell-cell communication which has a knock on effect with an increase in collagen and elastin production.

Using your cosmetic needles along with your skin care products containing active ingredients will also allow for maximum absorption into the deeper layers of the skin.

This is a great way to ‘feed’ your living skin cells and allowing them to function more optimally.

So there you go, a great device to keep you skin behaving more healthy. Do you already use a Cosmetic Roller to needle your skin? What are the effects you have experienced?


4 thoughts on “Skin needling – what is it for?

  1. I haven’t had the treatment yet and baulk at the thought of actually doing it – I am sure the benefits would be extraordinary.
    I am hoping I could find the miracle result with out the needling.

    thank you for the information though

    x Lisa

    • Hi Lisa,
      The whole needling concept can seem daunting can’t it? The personal use device is not as scary as the medical procedure. There is no blood as it doesn’t go deeper than the epidermis but it has a great effect long term.
      Thanks for your comment.

    • Hi Dorothy, with Dermal Rolling it is essential that you are prescribed suitable products for YOUR skin by a Dermal Therapist. Personally I would suggest active ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 to use with home rolling. I always perform a comprehensive consultation with my clients first to determine if there are any contraindication with any active ingredients.

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