Showing Your Skin A Little Love

Giving your skin some love

Giving your skin some love

Just as we all do, skin responds well when given a little love – there is a specific language spoken between skin cells and when this communication is clear and precise, maximum results can be achieved through professional skin treatments and home care.

Cells need clear and precise communication at all times and it is when this pathway becomes blocked through poor nutrition and environmental issues, that we start to notice ageing and skin concerns.

Certain Growth Factors speak the language of love between cells and when we optimize these factors; your skin begins to behave in a healthier manner.

To help activate these Growth Factors you need the following intervention:

  1. Provide essential nutrients  to skin cells: Daily diet, Supplementation where needed, and Topical active skin care products
  2. Regular physical exercise  to increase blood flow and movement of the lymphatic system
  3. Stimulate Growth Factors and Cytokines for maximum cell to cell communication through effective home care – Ill show you how next post!

It is when we focus on this communication that we start to experience positive results with our skin care regimes.

So how do we stimulate Growth Factors and Cytokines? Can it be done at home? Yes, it can. Watch for next week’s post and I’ll show you how – it is simple and so effective.

Why don’t you follow me and I will show you  how to have a more healthy and beautiful skin!


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