Question from a MySkin-Coach follower: “what is the skin’s acid mantle you keep mentioning?”

The skin's acid mantle

The skin’s acid mantle


It seems I keep using a term that some of my avid followers do not necessarily understand, thank you Terri-Ann for you question and I hope this sheds some light on your question…..

What is the skin’s acid mantle?

Our skin secretes oil and perspiration and mixes with our skins natural moisturising factors to create our skins vital acid mantle.

The acid mantle should be slightly acidic and at a pH of between 4.5- 6.0 to function as a natural part of the skins ecological balance. As the skin contains natural micro flora to protect our skin from harmful micro organisms, it requires a healthy acid mantle to prevent secondary microbes from penetrating our skin and causing internal damage.

Unfortunately, many harsh cosmetics and skin care products disrupt this delicate acid mantle and leaves our skin open to invasion of nasty microbes causing allergies and sensitivities to our skin.

Ensure you use skin care products that look after your acid mantle and allow your skin to play its role of protection.

Does your skin care retain your skin’s acid mantle? If you are using skin care, particularly cleansers that make the skin feel dehydrated and sensitive, this is a sure sign that your acid mantle is disrupted leaving the skin predisposed to damage…….

Please leave your thoughts on your skin care products, do you use products that leave the skin feeling tight and sensitive?

Do you know of great skin care products that focus on skin health and maintaining the acid mantle?


4 thoughts on “Question from a MySkin-Coach follower: “what is the skin’s acid mantle you keep mentioning?”

  1. Hi Donna

    I guess the old adage of “elbow grease” crosses over for some with the way they clean their face and their teeth.
    I think some think if it’s not scrubbed and squeaky it’s not clean. Not so obviously.

    thank you for the clarity you offer.

    x Loulou

  2. Very informative. I’ve read of this “acid mantle” before, but haven’t read what it is all about and what it is good for. Would spraying vinegar on it be a good way to help restore it after a shower?

    • You would think that vinegar being acidic would work wouldn’t you? Unfortunately it is not that easy. Commercial vinegar is a lower pH than the skin and usually rates about a 2.5 on the pH scale and therefore is too acidic for the skin. This would prove to be too strong and too drying for the skin and actually upset the skin’s acid mantle. Thanks for your comment ‘Wildjuggler’ and thankyou for visiting! 🙂

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