Menopause and skin changes


Skin Changes & Menopause

Skin Changes & Menopause

Another question from one of my gorgeous followers, Marcia:

I am going through Menopause, what Vitamins can I take/use to help with my skin changes?

Marcia, there are so many things happening with your skin when you go through Menopause but to answer your question simply I believe that consuming a plant-based diet and minimising processed foods will make a huge difference. Continue reading


Question from a MySkin-Coach follower: “what is the skin’s acid mantle you keep mentioning?”

The skin's acid mantle

The skin’s acid mantle


It seems I keep using a term that some of my avid followers do not necessarily understand, thank you Terri-Ann for you question and I hope this sheds some light on your question…..

What is the skin’s acid mantle?

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