Menopause and skin changes


Skin Changes & Menopause

Skin Changes & Menopause

Another question from one of my gorgeous followers, Marcia:

I am going through Menopause, what Vitamins can I take/use to help with my skin changes?

Marcia, there are so many things happening with your skin when you go through Menopause but to answer your question simply I believe that consuming a plant-based diet and minimising processed foods will make a huge difference. Continue reading


5 Steps to slow down skin ageing


You are what you eat

General health is reflected in our skin, therefore, if you want a healthy skin, you must find ways to optimise our general health.

This could mean rethinking the amount of alcohol you consume or reconsider that cigarette you want to smoke. Continue reading

Question from a MySkin-Coach follower: “what is the skin’s acid mantle you keep mentioning?”

The skin's acid mantle

The skin’s acid mantle


It seems I keep using a term that some of my avid followers do not necessarily understand, thank you Terri-Ann for you question and I hope this sheds some light on your question…..

What is the skin’s acid mantle?

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