Does skin need Fruit Acids everyday?

Fruit acids

Happy New Year! Welcome to my first post for 2013 on a topic which has been requested from some followers.


Does the skin need products containing fruit acids everyday?

The skins acid mantle is slightly acidic and usually has a pH between 4.5 – 6.0.

The skins acid mantle is crucial for maintaining skin health so when using skin care products containing harsh detergent-based products this can damage the acid mantle pH and therefore disrupting the delicate barrier that helps protect us from bacteria, viruses and fungal infections.

Using acids on a daily basis, may also disrupt the skin’s pH. This will depend on the products pH, so I would recommend asking your Skin Therapist what pH your acidic skin care products are. If you are a Therapist, I suggest asking your skin care company the product pH. If you are using an AHA product everyday, it would make sense that it be at a pH of just below the normal skins pH therefore allowing for desquamation of dead skin cells without creating inflammation on a scale where the barrier function is compromised.

Are you using products containing Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids? How do you feel they have changed your skin?

So who is a candidate for using products with Alpha Hydroxy Acids? Find out in part two next week.



4 thoughts on “Does skin need Fruit Acids everyday?

  1. Oh I LOVE my AHA & BHA’s – I usually have a weeks break out of every 4.
    The texture (for me) and the glow I obtain with them is wonderful.
    I combine them with cosmeceuticals of potent skin serums and aromatherapy serums.

    I look forward to part 2 – thanks for this post Donna

    x L

    • That is great to hear Loulou. Acids can leave your skin feeling smoother and with a beatiful glow however, they are not for every skin on a daily basis. Stay tuned for part two next week and find out which skins are more suitable…………

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