Here comes 2013!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of my fabulous skin care devotees, a most wonderful, safe and Happy New Year.

Take some time to consider and note your goals for 2013 and remember that everyone of your goals will come to fruition when you focus on what you want most of all – you are the controller of your destiny.

Here’s to a successful, healthy and educational 2013.

I look forward to seeing and hearing from you all next year and please remember it is not about the destination, but it is all about the journey.

DCC xx





Skin loves Zinc

Zinc image

Did you know Zinc fights disease and protects the immune system? This essential trace mineral assists in wound healing including burns.

Zinc is present in all body tissues and is involved in many functions within the body. Zinc is essential also for the functioning of the skins oil glands. I find most acne clients are highly deficient in Zinc and therefore recommend they increase their intake of Zinc-rich foods or take a Zinc supplement.

The best sources of zinc is natural, unprocessed food. Wheat bran, Wheat germ, Brewers Yeast and pumpkin seeds are usually high in Zinc however making sure your foods are organic is advised as zinc can be exhausted from soil in over- farmed crops.

Recommended daily allowance for adults is 12 mg a day for women and 15mg a day for men.

If you have poor wound healing capacity, I would consider taking a Zinc supplement as it has shown to increase the healing time and provide a more structured collagen network giving your scar a more even and firm appearance.

Do you take Zinc on a daily basis? Or do you rely on Zinc-rich foods to provide you with your Zinc dose? What foods do you love to eat for your Zinc?

Pumpkin Seeds - a natural source of Zinc

Pumpkin Seeds – a natural source of Zinc

Summer Alert for all Red Heads!

Red Brown Pigment

Red Brown Pigment

Very often we see  or hear media advising us to protect our skin from harmful UV radiation, especially in the summer months, however, if you have red hair or you know someone with red hair, you must make a more conscious effort to protect your skin in these coming months (Southern Hemisphere) when the suns UV rays are at their strongest.

For many years we have known people with red hair and fair skin have the highest risk of developing melanoma than any other skin type.

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Enzyme Therapy = Smooth Skin

Papain enzymes

Papaine enzymes

When I was at University, I will always remember a saying that one of my lecturers used to say: “All enzymes are proteins but not all proteins are enzymes!”. For some reason this seemed to stick in my mind. So why do we use enzymes in skin care?

Our skin is mainly made up of proteins and when our skin is damaged, usually due to environmental factors, these proteins begin to speed up in production and stay on the surface longer leaving our skin feeling thick, rough and starting to show signs of environmental damage. This has a knock-on effect with other issues, but this is not the post to discuss these concerns.

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