Taking the next step in health & beauty

The new iWand technology

I am so excited! Last week I attended the annual Cosmoprof in Hong Kong, a conference I try to attend regularly and was I impressed with some of the new up and coming technologies.

This week I will highlight a specific product called iWand, which is a portable hand held device that works at improving microcirculation, and helps with promoting metabolism and strengthening immunity.

The technology is; Proton Vibration Alignment Field and is carried into the body to enhance microcirculation of both dermal and sub-dermal tissue. This means faster wound healing, and pain relief. Best of all it enhances the cutaneous absorption of topical treatments so I will be putting this handy little device to work immediately. I am planning on putting together some case studies and working with various skin conditions along with treatments and topical products.

Watch this space as I will post the studies once completed. If you have any ideas on what skin conditions you would like me to target, please leave a comment. If you know of someone that is on Gold Coast (Australia) that really needs some assistance with their skin, I would love to hear from them and possibly look at taking on some complimentary clients as well as Oncology clients.

iWand expedites cutaneous absorption of topical ingredients


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