Acne Skin Boot Camp


C- Left View Week 1

C-Right View Week 1

This post is a special post to demonstrate the great gift we have to make a difference to someone and their skin.


Miss C (not her real name) has struggled with her acne condition for some time and had been prescribed long term antibiotics by her physician.

I recommended she undergo a 6 week ‘Skin Boot Camp’ and really target this skin condition once and for all. Prior to boot camp, Miss C had started to look at her skin care program and was ready to give it all and tackle the acne once and for all.


We started with weekly AHA/BHA treatments incorporated with Microdermabrasion (Diamond), extractions and Sonophoresis with Vitamin A & C infusions. High Frequency ‘sparking’ was also included on the extracted lesions along with a customised LED program to treat Miss C’s acne condition. (Treatment overview only, each treatment was customised with varying modalities to target specific concerns)


Miss C’s home skin care prescriptive included high dosages of topical Vitamin A, C, E, B3 & Peptides both morning and night.


Miss C’s diet was customised to include high amounts of Antioxidants, Omega 3’s and elimination of dairy, sugar and red meat. Miss C also increased the amount of exercise she had previously been doing.

What a difference 6 weeks can make!

Miss C Left View Week 6

Miss C Right View Week 6

As you can imagine Miss C is totally ecstatic with her new skin and is maintaining and improving her skin with further treatments and great skin care. With time, I expect her skin to improve further.

Thank you to Miss C for allowing me to post these photos and for being a compliant and patient skin care devotee – it has paid off.


2 thoughts on “Acne Skin Boot Camp

  1. Donna,

    Great outcome and coaching. I can only imagine great things to come for Miss C’s skin (with her to keep maintaining it).

    good photos too to really gather the results.

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