Corneotherapy – skin recovery therapy

Stratum Corneum – protecting our internal environment

When looking at skin care products to protect skin while also allowing the skins natural processes to play their part in functioning as our largest organ, doesn’t it make sense to look at the skins natural functions and mimic them as closely as possible in skin care products.

Previous posts have discussed a few important Vitamins that play a role in healthy skin function and as our diet is lacking in these crucial nutrients, it makes sense to provide them topically, but what about the in-between bits? The cream that acts as a vehicle for these active vitamins?

If you look at what the skins major role is, it is one of ‘protection’ from outside influences that can potentially cause harm to our inner environment. When considering skin care products therefore; we need to mimic the natural protective function of the skin, while delivering actives to ‘feed’ the living cells.

The outer most layer of our skin, the Stratum Corneum, acts as a protective shield however, many products and environmental factors leave this barrier inadequately defending our internal body structures by having a detrimental effect on the membrane that covers is a part of the Stratum Corneum.

Ingredients containing the correct chemical composition need to be similar to that of the skins membrane and their structure needs to be identical without modifying the natural membrane structure of the skin.

It is now known that products containing certain ’emulsifiers’ which are used to combine the oil and water in skin care products may prove to be an inadequate consideration as they change the structure of this crucial membrane.

So, what is the alternative? Well, unfortunately Mother Nature has provided us with only a few natural emulsifiers such as Lecithin and egg yolk and these are unable to perform when  manufacturing at a commercial level. Ingredients like; Posphatidylcholine will stabilise the oil and water in products and also mimic the skins natural membrane, providing the protection of skin cells and allowing our skin to function correctly.

Many skin conditions can be corrected just by repairing the barrier function of the skin and it is now recognised as a priority when Dermal Clinicians are looking at treating certain barrier impairment conditions. The term ‘Corneotherapy‘ is now used when we treat many dermatological cornification disorders and you will now start to see the focus shift to this in many skin care clinics.

A German skin care company, Dermaviduals, known for its innovative products, specialises in products that provide the skin with DMS – Derma Membrane Structure science using ingredients that are skin identical.

Obviously, all Skin Care professionals will now need to incorporate Corneotherapy into their clients home care prescriptives and clinic treatment regime.

I love this industry and the innovative companies and professionals that strive to achieve a healthier, happier and more gorgeous skin for our clients.

Have you tried Corneotherapy? I would love to hear your thoughts…………….

A happy, healthy skin!


Taking the next step in health & beauty

The new iWand technology

I am so excited! Last week I attended the annual Cosmoprof in Hong Kong, a conference I try to attend regularly and was I impressed with some of the new up and coming technologies.

This week I will highlight a specific product called iWand, which is a portable hand held device that works at improving microcirculation, and helps with promoting metabolism and strengthening immunity.

The technology is; Proton Vibration Alignment Field and is carried into the body to enhance microcirculation of both dermal and sub-dermal tissue. This means faster wound healing, and pain relief. Best of all it enhances the cutaneous absorption of topical treatments so I will be putting this handy little device to work immediately. I am planning on putting together some case studies and working with various skin conditions along with treatments and topical products.

Watch this space as I will post the studies once completed. If you have any ideas on what skin conditions you would like me to target, please leave a comment. If you know of someone that is on Gold Coast (Australia) that really needs some assistance with their skin, I would love to hear from them and possibly look at taking on some complimentary clients as well as Oncology clients.

iWand expedites cutaneous absorption of topical ingredients

A little ray of light – treating skin with LED

Photo Therapy in action

We are now beginning to see so many great results with the new generation of Light based therapies to use in clinic treatments. My personal favourite is LED – Light Emitting Diode.

This is an effective skin rejuvenation treatment used in most clinics and a great treatment modality to improve a damaged skin. I love this modality and always find my clients skin responds so well when incorporated into treatments.

So, how does it work?

LED is either a monochromatic (single colour) or polychromatic (multi colour) treatment that targets cells with varying wavelengths and intensities of light that create natural biochemical reactions within cells.

There are remarkable results using Red LED – 633nm wavelength on aged and photo damaged skin with the light targeting the cells mitochondria, increasing collagen and elastin and enhancing the skins supportive matrix. While Infra Red 830nm targets stimulation of skin volume by increasing the energy inside cells which in turn will speed healing processes, create a toned and firming effect and increased cell growth.

One particular split face study has shown clinical efficacy of LED phototherapy in treating skin rejuvenation. Seventy Six patients with wrinkles were treated on the right side of their face and were treated with 830nm and 633nm twice a week for four weeks. The outcome showed significant reductions of wrinkles, increase in elasticity, highly activated fibroblasts surrounded by elastic and collagen fibres and the study therefore concluded that 830 and 633nm LED phototherapy is an effective approach for skin rejuvenation. (J Photochem Photobiol B 2007)

What a great non invasive way to reach the skins cells and enhance your clinic treatments. LED uses different coloured wavelengths depending on the skin condition targeted. As the skin absorbs each colour differently, the benefits will be unique with each colour:

InfraRed: combats the signs of ageing, and increases healing

RED: Rejuvenation, stimulates collagen, increases circulation

ORANGE:  skin revitalizer

YELLOW: reduces the appearance of redness and inflammation.

GREEN: calming, and may lighten hyper pigmentation

BLUE: powerful anti bacterial properties. Kills the p acnes bacteria in an acne skin, and soothes inflammation – my favourite for an acne skin

A combination of these colours will give the best results in treatments.

One of the best LED devices I have seen is the Max+, manufactured in Canada, this device has a rotating arm that moves the light over the treatment area, maximising the absorption of the varying lights into the skins cells.

MLT Co Founder, Jennifer Brodeur explains: A more effective LED system should use photomodulation – where the cells are stimulated then in a rested state almost like an on off system. This creates an intercellular response and thus starts the cascading effect. To shy away form blinking lights which are known to cause migraines and anxiety we opted for the mechanical arm to create the photomodulation in an almost hypnotic manner.

I love using LED in my skin treatments and will incorporate it with all treatments for maximum results. When used with home care prescriptives, my clients see results within weeks of treatments.

If you are wanting to improve the results of your clinic treatments or if you are a client and wanting to see faster clinic results, insist your therapist used LED in your next treatment, you won’t regret it.

(This post is not sponsored by Max LED Technologies, it is my personal opinion) For further information on this great device, visit their website;

Acne Skin Boot Camp


C- Left View Week 1

C-Right View Week 1

This post is a special post to demonstrate the great gift we have to make a difference to someone and their skin.


Miss C (not her real name) has struggled with her acne condition for some time and had been prescribed long term antibiotics by her physician.

I recommended she undergo a 6 week ‘Skin Boot Camp’ and really target this skin condition once and for all. Prior to boot camp, Miss C had started to look at her skin care program and was ready to give it all and tackle the acne once and for all.


We started with weekly AHA/BHA treatments incorporated with Microdermabrasion (Diamond), extractions and Sonophoresis with Vitamin A & C infusions. High Frequency ‘sparking’ was also included on the extracted lesions along with a customised LED program to treat Miss C’s acne condition. (Treatment overview only, each treatment was customised with varying modalities to target specific concerns)


Miss C’s home skin care prescriptive included high dosages of topical Vitamin A, C, E, B3 & Peptides both morning and night.


Miss C’s diet was customised to include high amounts of Antioxidants, Omega 3’s and elimination of dairy, sugar and red meat. Miss C also increased the amount of exercise she had previously been doing.

What a difference 6 weeks can make!

Miss C Left View Week 6

Miss C Right View Week 6

As you can imagine Miss C is totally ecstatic with her new skin and is maintaining and improving her skin with further treatments and great skin care. With time, I expect her skin to improve further.

Thank you to Miss C for allowing me to post these photos and for being a compliant and patient skin care devotee – it has paid off.