Vitamin B5/Panthenol in Skin Care

Previously, I have posted an article on Vitamin B3/Niacinamide so I thought I should write about the benefits of the ‘other’ Vitamin B used in cosmeceutical skin care products- Vitamin B5 or Panthenol.

Panthenol is used topically to treat wounds, bruises, pressure and dermal ulcers, burns and post operative incisions. It is widely used as a rash soother for babies suffering with nappy (diaper) rash.

Dexpanthenol is a precursor to pantothenic acid – Vitamin B5 and is a component of Co enzyme A which functions in the skins fatty acid biosynthesis. When we increase the skins lipid synthesis we see an improvement in barrier function, improving wound healing.

Vitamin B5 also has the ability to enhance fibroblast proliferation and the re -epithelialization of the epidermis, again assisting with the skins wound healing phase.

In addition, Panthenol acts as an effective moisturiser of the Stratum Corneum and improves the dryness, scaling, pruritus and erythema associated with inflamed skin conditions such as; atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and contact dermatitis and can assist with the side effects associated with the initial use of Retinoids in skin care.

Both Vitamin B3 & B5 can provide a variety of benefits to the skin when applied topically to the skin:

  • Improved barrier function
  • Moisturisation of the Stratum Corneum
  • Optimization of wound healing
  • Improved appearance to ageing skin

Have you used Vitamin B5 in your skin care range?



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