Skin Detox Juice

My morning Green Juice


It has taken many years of discovery, but my body does not like certain foods and this week has been a week where I have been so busy that I have not been as careful as I normally am when it comes to watching what I eat. Well, I have paid for it, as I woke this morning, my face was puffy and I felt ‘fluey’. This is always a good indicator of not being in sync with my body’s needs and as I suffer with Hashimotos (HypoThyroid), I must always listen to what my body is saying.

So I am back on to my normal healthy eating of lots and lots of greens and organic vegetables and I wanted to share a great juice I try to drink often and even though some may say it is probably psychological, I believe it works for me – I already feel so much better.

I try to use as many greens as possible, this morning it was Kale, Beet Leaves, Cucumber, Baby Spinach and an apple and big chunk of ginger. The best part was, most of the greens were home grown in my own garden, I’m sure they taste so much better because of this!

My dog even benefits from my juices, I use the pulp in her night time meal and mix it in so she doesn’t know the pulp is in there!

What are your favourite juices? It would be great to share some recipes…….


Juice pulp to mix into dogs dinner


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