Peptides in Skin Care


So, what are Peptides? Simply, they are chains of amino acids that create proteins.

Why do we need Peptides? Skin is mainly made up of proteins and these proteins are either damaged by environmental factors and lifestyle or with chronological ageing.

Peptides in skin care products may mimic or imitate some of the skins biologic processes to stimulate repair or inhibit the acceleration of skin ageing.

Certain amino acid chains with specific lengths and sequences are known to stimulate human skin cell growth in vitro and it is good to know that many of these peptides have made the transition from research into practical application within professional skin care lines.

Signal peptides stimulate proteins within the dermis, therefore, our two specific target dermal proteins; Collagen & Elastin are stimulated giving our skin a more youthful appearance for longer. Another benefit of a signal peptide is that it can down regulate an enzyme that breaks down these dermal proteins as we age. Collagenase is a crucial enzyme when we consider wound healing, however, as we age and with the help of lifestyle and environmental factors, this enzyme can accelerate the breaking down of collagen leaving us with wrinkles and lines.

Carrier peptides stabilize and deliver metals such as copper for wound healing processes within the skin. An important antioxidant required to combat Free Radical damage within the skin, Superoxide dismutase requires copper as a cofactor while there is also an enzyme necessary for collagen and elastin production that also requires copper.

There are literally thousands of peptides (too many to list) available now and many have a specific place within our products to encourage a more youthful and healthier skin.

Do you use a product that contains peptides? I would love to hear what you think…….

A graph detailing the benefits of a trademarked skin peptide, Matrixyl & Matrixyl 3000 on skin wrinkles 



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