Wrinkles, Be Gone! – the new generation of skin care ingredients

I am often asked about skin care ingredients that truly work at a cellular level  (and beyond) and I must say we now have such great technology and knowledge  of new and exciting ingredients that also have the scientific studies to back up their efficacy. The skin care industry now has greater opportunities to prescribe result driven products to their clients and increase their business.

My intention is to showcase new ingredients that you can now find in many serious skin care product lines and available in most professional skin clinics worldwide whose clientele demand results with their skin care regime.

The first ingredient I would like to showcase is one that gave immediate results to 75% of the volunteers trialling the product that contained a very small percentage of the active ingredient.

This fabulous tropical botanical is known as; Acmella Oleracea plant’ and the active ingredient is a registered trademark known as; Gatuline Expression an ingredient obtained by environmentally friendly harvesting processes by French pharmaceutical company,Gattefosse.

The small plant produces a blossom, which contains the active ingredient and is found in a broad geographical footprint that covers the tropical zones of South America, Africa and Asia.

It is considered a safe plant-based alternative that provides rapid results when dealing with facial wrinkles.

Wrinkles, or “expression lines”, result from thousands of micro muscle contractions when we express emotions with our face. On going movement of these muscles leads to wrinkles and lines and usually the first concern when a client visits their skin care clinic. This particular ingredient contains an active component which blocks the muscle contractions when used in very small concentrations for a period up to 24 hours and therefore may work in an accumulative manor when used daily. The benefits are, a smoother more relaxed skin due to the myorelaxation function of this ingredient.

Another interesting fact about this ingredient is that it also contains medicinal properties as an anaesthetic agent and has historically been used as a natural taste enhancer.

This is an ingredient I am keen to try and if you do not want to travel down the Botox path, or you if you want to enhance the effects of your muscle relaxing injections, then this may be an ingredient for you to include in your daily skin care regime.

Have you tried skin care products containing this amazing ingredient? I would love for you to share your thoughts.



6 thoughts on “Wrinkles, Be Gone! – the new generation of skin care ingredients

  1. I have not tried skin care products with that amazing ingredient but sign me up Donna! Where can I find a product to try….any recommendations?
    Sherelle French

  2. There is a range called Ila which is based in the UK. Their specific ‘rainforest range’ includes acmella (plus other natural active ingredients) and have had people rave about it. The only downside is you can only buy the products online or buy them at Chi, the spa at Shangri-la Hotel, Sydney. I don’t know of any other place to buy them locally.

    • Thank you Erica. It is a shame that you can only purchase online – it seems to be the ‘norm’ nowadays. I believe products containing active ingredients should be prescribed by a Skin Care Professional to ensure correct usage. Purchasing online may negate this. Good to see, however, some great product ranges.

  3. There are several things you can do to help reduce wrinkles. There’s no one magical formula, but it’s a combination of things – lifestyle, food and drink, amount of sun exposure, vitamins, facial rejuvenation creams, and even the position of your body while sleeping! It sounds like a lot of work, but most of these involve simple things you can do each day to help reduce and prevent wrinkles.

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