Oncology Esthetics – A rewarding journey


A very rewarding experience at Oncology Esthetics training.

My past week has been spent in Australia’s beautiful city of Sydney and a very rewarding and at some times, challenging experience. The world of Oncology is one that is life changing for all involved, from the patients, to the carers and the health care professionals that tirelessly care for these people.

A cancer diagnosis is life changing and as one navigates through the surgical intervention and the bio therapies many find a shift in physical and emotional health.

I have spent the past 30+ years enjoying my role as a skin care professional and loving the fact that I can and do make a difference in peoples lives, albeit, seemingly on a very superficial level. Well, have I just had a wake up call!

Firstly, I knew that I wanted to do more, and I think maturity and experience drives you in many different directions. I love the health care industry and even though there are many specialties within the industry, my passion is more on the side of empowering people to feel nurtured and good about themselves. This directed me to enquire about different ways my specialty can involve working with clients who deal with many psycho social issues, hence, the #Oncology Esthetics course being presented to me.

Within the complexities of training, we were blessed with treating an inspirational group of women (+ 1 male, thank you Ron), who were in varying stages of their treatment of cancer. These people were absolutely amazing and had us either laughing with their wonderful sense of humour (thank you Jan), and also in tears as we realised that life has very different meaning when you are faced with a potentially life changing experience.

While going through treatment, these people crave many different things, but the common denominator, was ‘touch’. Now, in the past, we, and I mean Skin Care Professionals, are told we are not to touch any cancer patient as this may interfere with their treatment. I can now confidently say and will be putting into practice, that there are many ways we can alter our treatments to accommodate this clientele.

Considering that ALL patients we consulted, had similar skin concerns, there is a HUGE role we can play as Skin Care Professionals and I cannot wait to put my new found training into practice for those that choose to be treated either during or after treatment.

“The purpose of a complementary therapy is not to treat the cancer itself but to treat the person as a whole”.

Our wonderful educator, Morag Currin came all the way from Canada to train the 30 attendees from all parts of Australia. Morag shared so much more than the science behind cancer and treatments, but also her invaluable experience working with clients being diagnosed with cancer. Modalities such as LED (thank you Jennifer Brodeur, #MaxLed Technologies), and great skin care products, (thank you #Dermaviduals) are allowing Skin Care Professionals to accommodate cancer clients within their clinics.

Future posts will accommodate information pertaining to treating the skin of  clients either going through treatment of having completed their treatment. If you have questions for yourself or for a loved one, or clients, please leave a comment.

If you are out of Australia, you can go on to http://www.oncologyesthetics.com to find certified aesthetician in your area.


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