Rosacea Mite

This is an article just released from the National University of Ireland. We have known about the Demodex mite for some time however, successful treatment has been controversial and varied. I still believe that if we maintain our skins barrier function and not scrub and wash the skin with harsh detergent based products, the skin will provide its own solution for dealing with the mite. It may also come back to the sugar loading in our westernised diets that also assist with correct environment for these little mites to thrive in. Food for thought I say, what are your thoughts?

Tiny mites on your face may cause rosaceavitals.nbcnews.comScientists may have finally found what sparks the inflamed and reddened skin in people suffering from rosacea: tiny mites that crawl across most of our faces, unseen and unfelt. The new finding may eventually lead to more effective treatments, researchers say. As it turns out, t …




3 thoughts on “Rosacea Mite

  1. that is an astounding find.
    Imagine if we were all placed under a microscope and what they may find….???

    have a lovely day and thank you for the information in your blog – I love it.

    x Loulou

    • I know, how scary would it be to see exactly what is crawling throughout our skin? I heard a great fact the other day: If the world got rid of all the billions of bugs and insects on earth, man would not survive, if the world got rid of all the billions of humans on earth, bugs and insects would thrive. Something to ponder? Thanks for your comment x

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