A Morning Ritual

A Morning Ritual

Your skin is the largest organ and during the night, many processes have taken place. Some of these processes  rid cells of waste products and it is then eliminated from the body. When the body and skin have been exposed to day to day elements that bombard our immune system, we need to have an effective elimination process. Our kidneys cleanse red blood cells and we then excrete the waste products in the form of urine. A great morning ritual to assist with this elimination is to drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice. Not only will assist with kidney health, it will also have a stimulating effect on your digestive system and liver and this will have a knock-on effect with your skin. I recommend not to drink or eat for at least half an hour after drinking this drink and if you have kidney damage or adrenal stress you may not tolerate large quantities of lemon.


3 thoughts on “A Morning Ritual

  1. Hi Donna,

    I love your post on the Lemon Juice and it’s effects.
    I think I am a closet lemon and lemon juice junkie.
    I wonder if the effects are as great too by drinking it late in the evening prior to bed.
    I often do this.
    any which way I look at it – I think it’s better to drink it than not. (I also love adding fresh mint leaves as well).

    have a great day


  2. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for your comment. I am a lover of lemon juice also, not only for its benefits but also the flavour. I like your idea of adding mint, I have also added Lemon Myrtle as I have a tree in my garden, that and Pineapple Sage.

    Enjoy your day


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