Have you heard the saying: Eat a Rainbow?

I am a true believer that eating a healthy organic diet is the biggest contributor to a gorgeous glowing skin. It may sound like a cliche, however, nothing could be further from the truth….. “you are what you eat”. If you are eating a diet high in processed foods expect inflamed skin conditions. If you want a clear, even toned skin, then look at your diet. Start reducing the nasties from your diet; caffeine, sugar, additives, and most foods in packets. Change over to a plant-based diet and eliminate any foods that create inflammation. It may be hard at first, and it will take around 21 days to feel and see the results, but you will definitely wish you had done it earlier. 


I shared a blog earlier about the #AlkaStream water filter and it is a well known fact that alkaline water not only aids our internal health, but this will also have a knock on effect with your skin.



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